Lavender Eye Make Up Remover Oil

  • £7.80


Suitable for all skin types.

A gentle oil that removes all eye make-up - even waterproof mascara. With a hint of lavender to keep those eyelashes luscious!


Organic Grape Seed Oil helps to repair and tone the skin tissue, and is great for smoothing wrinkles and fine lines around the eye area.

Organic Jojoba Oil improves skin elasticity and is a strong but delicate oil for around the eye area.

Organic Castor Oil is a lovely thick oil that is great for massage. It also has useful properties for helping to heal dry, chapped skin.

Organic Lavender Essential Oil is not only a beautiful, calming fragrance but also helps to promote healthy growth of those luscious lashes!

How to Use:

Have a damp cotton pad to hand. Dispense 2 pumps and warm between your fingers. Close your eyes and massage the oil directly over the eye area. Massage until you can feel all the mascara has been removed then wipe away the oil with the damp cotton pad.

We love to use this at the end of the day before our Calendula & Mandarin Hot Cloth Cleanser and Rosehip & Mandarin Moisturising Oil. It's also great for eye makeup touch ups, removing lipstick and moisturising cuticles!


* We want to encourage customers to save their pumps and re-use them, therefore we offer a 20p discount if you re-purchase this item with a recyclable screw lid. Please help us to reduce our waste and save your pumps from your first products to re-use in your future purchases. *