I suffered from severe adult acne for many years and wanted (and needed) to create a skincare range that would nourish, balance and heal my blemished skin. I was tired of spending hundreds of pounds on skincare that just wasn't working, or that I was reacting to. I needed to take it back to basics and create products from only natural ingredients... and so Stripped was born.

I wanted to create powerful natural skincare and to have complete transparency with our customers. You need to know what goes into your products and you should be able to trust the brands you shop with.

These products changed my skin beyond how I imagined they would. I now have the control back and relish my make-up free days! I'm proud and confident in the skin I'm in and want others to feel the same, as acne is a depressing place to be. 

I really hope you love our products as much as I do!


This  Anastasia, our wonderful social media exec! 

Anastasia conveys the Stripped brand by running our social media channels and has given them an invigorating revamp in 2019!

She has also been involved in a number of creative pursuits; from shooting music videos, to being Managing Editor for a female DJ publication, and writing a rhyme which landed her in national news!

Her favourite product right now is the Lavender Eye Make Up Remover. Anastasia explains why:

"I have never used an eye make up remover which takes off make up in the same way. This product uses absolutely zero force - it lifts make up off the eye and is swept off with a wet cotton pad with this really satisfying ease. This one has been an absolutely game changer for me, I'd seriously recommend giving it a try!"