About Us

Our mission is to provide powerful skincare, naturally.


We pride ourselves on using the highest quality ingredients therefore use organic certified oils and butters - ensuring the best for your skin.
All our products are waterless, ensuring clean, safe skincare without the need for chemicals or preservatives.


We are open and honest about what goes into your skincare which is why we list the 'common names' for the ingredients on the product pages and on the products themselves so you know what you are putting on your skin.


Every single product is formulated and handmade by us in our Manchester HQ, using only 100% natural ingredients sourced in the UK.


We are mad on sustainability so you won't find any excess packaging here. Our products are sent out as they are - just the bottle/jar itself packed into a recyclable postage box with recyclable packing materials, finished off with kraft paper packing tape. Any instructions you need can be found on the product label or on our website.



We NEVER test on animals or use ingredients that are.



Founder Sinead Stripped Skincare Award Winner
I suffered from severe adult acne for many years and wanted to create skincare that would nourish, balance and heal my blemished skin. I was tired of spending hundreds of pounds on skincare that just wasn't working, or worse, products that I was reacting to and making my skin worse.
I wanted to take it back to basics and understand what was going into my skincare and create products from natural ingredients.
I studied for a Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation and spent a lot of time researching and testing ingredients specifically for acne prone skin. I started to formulate the products I would need for a skincare routine, and from there Stripped was born. 
These products changed my skin beyond how I imagined they would. I now have control of my skin and relish my make-up free days! I'm proud and confident in the skin I'm in and want others to feel the same.
I really hope you love our products as much as I do!


Sinead x



We love individuality, inclusivity and empowerment which is why we partner with Dom & Ink on our labels. We're so proud and privileged to work with such a gifted illustrator who works tirelessly to highlight LGBTQ+ rights, mental health awareness and body positivity. You can follow him here: @Domandink and check out his website here: https://www.domandink.co.uk/
Dom & Ink