Rosehip & Mandarin Moisturising Oil

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Suitable for all skin types, especially oily/blemished skin.

This light oil moisturiser is jam-packed full of powerful oils to help balance the skin, clear blemishes and heal marks and scars. It will nourish and moisturise skin without leaving an oily residue or blocking pores.



Organic Jojoba Oil is a great oil for acne prone skin. It improves skin elasticity and helps with the breakdown of sebum.

Organic Calendula Infused Sunflower Oil is high in antioxidants, anti-bacterial and antiseptic. It helps to repair and heal broken/sore skin.

Organic Sunflower Oil is rich in Vitamin E and omega 3 & 6 and is a fantastic for all skin types. It is great for treating poor circulation and inflammation.

Organic Rosehip Oil is a great source of Vitamin A which helps repairs damaged skin and scars, and alleviate acne. It is also great for smoothing wrinkles and alleviating the immediate signs of ageing. 

Organic Evening Primrose Oil has great skin cell renewal qualities and is rich in omega 6 fatty acids which means it is softening and smoothing but a great anti-wrinkle oil.

Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil is a wonder ingredient! It regenerates cells, improve the skins barrier function, retains moisture, heals wounds, is an anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial making it great for acne but also great to sooth and heal dry, problem skin. And it is great for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles!

Organic Mandarin Essential Oil cleans and cleanses the pores, helps to heal scar tissue, smooth fine lines and wrinkles and promote a glowing complexion.

Organic Frankincense Essential Oil tightens and tones the skin tissue, cleans the pores and helps to smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

Organic Rosemary Essential Oil helps to promote the healthy growth of skin cells and promotes cell regeneration. It is fantastic for cutting through congested skin.

Organic Lemon Essential Oil is antiseptic and astringent. It is fantastic for the counteracting the over-production of sebum. It also helps to tone ageing skin.


How to Use:

Dispense approx. 3-4 drops into the palm of your hand, warm up between your palms then massage into the face.

Always try and apply this oil to slightly damp skin after you have cleansed. The oil will absorb quickly and easily and your skin will drink it up.

* We want to encourage customers to save their glass pipettes and re-use them, therefore we offer a 20p discount if you re-purchase this item with a recyclable screw lid. Please help us to reduce our waste and save your pipettes from your first products to re-use in your future purchases. *